Industrial Engineering

Banner provides specialty engineering services for the design of industrial water treatment processes for the oil and gas industries and has been the Industrial Water Lead Engineer for the development of many larger scale SAGD WTP PI&D drawings, equipment sizing, costs as wells as DBM and Detailed Conceptual Design Studies.

Banner has been hired extensively for the development and the preparation of Design Basis Memorandums and Conceptual Design Studies. Banner has also been retained as the expert engineer in formal KT analysis for flowsheet/Case Studies and technology assessment and selection work.

Our full list of industrial water services include:

  • Heavy Oil Industry Support
  • Produced Water Design Support
    • EUB Water Cycle Studies
    • Design Basis Memorandums
      • Boilers and Other Critical Process Boundary Conditions
    • Conceptual Design Evaluations
      • Process Flow Sheet Studies
      • Chemical, Mass, and Energy Modeling
    • Capital and Operating Cost Evaluations
    • Operational Evaluations
    • Detailed Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Value Engineering
    • Water/Wastewater Utility Rate Base Cost Evaluation/Planning
    • Financial Planning (differential cash flow analysis, IRR/NPV)
    • KT Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Situational Appraisal


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