Environmental Policy

Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd. recognizes that environmental concerns are of critical importance. The corporation encourages its workers to joining with the company in full acceptance of and compliance with the company’s environmental policy. Procedures comply with all federal, provincial and local legislation and regulations.

Protection of the Environment

Banner is committed to employing practical measures to protect the environment. We will conserve and protect the water, air and land resources we use. We strive to eliminate any releases to land, air or water that may harm human health or the environment.

Waste Management

Banner is committed to working to prevent waste and pollution at the source whenever possible. New facilities and improvement so existing operations will use processes designed to minimize the environmental effects of our operations and will incorporate functional pollution control equipment.

Recycling and Waste Disposal

Banner supports recycling programs where practical and uses environmentally safe treatment and disposal practices for waste that is not eliminated at the source or recycled.


Banner is committed to managing existing facilities to meet or exceed legal requirements. We will implement programs and procedures to satisfy compliance. We will conduct compliance audits and monitor procedures and practices to evaluate our performance.


Banner is committed to informing and disclosing information to our workers and cooperates with the authorities and regulatory agencies in responding to inquiries regarding environmental issues. We will encourage our workers to report to the company conditions that they reasonably believe could be harmful to the environment or pose health or safety hazards so we can initiate prompt corrective actions.


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